I am (so not) a Super Runner.
My pace is way slower than almost everyone I would like it to be, and my attempts to get faster usually end in an injury (posterior tibial tendonitis, shin splints, and a calf muscle tear).  

Races are fun, but I am poor and cheap  responsible with our family finances, and just can't justify more than a few a year.

I am (so not) a Super Mom
I work full-time outside of the home, know nothing at all about scrap-booking, and let my kids eat McDonald’s (but not everyday, or every week, or as often as they would like).

I don't pretend to have it all together, or that we live the good life.  Chaos is pretty much the norm.

In a nutshell...
I was never a "real" runner.  I originally started running in my 20's to burn off some of the pizza, beer, and miscellaneous bar food that I lived on. Never raced, didn't know my pace, and wore cheap shoes.

When I was 26 I left my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA for the big city of Los Angeles (more like the San Fernando Valley - yes, the Valley that was cool in the '80s).  Running in the Valley heat and traffic wasn't really ideal, so I hung up my cheap shoes and stopped my sometimes-running habit.

Shortly after I moved, I landed a job at a dot com way out in the suburbs (even further out than the Valley).  There I met my husband (a co-worker/former frat-boy/Southern California native.)

Three years and two kids later, we tired of all of the traffic and excess and moved the family north and settled down in Washington State.

Six more years, and one more kid later, in August 2010, I started running after a 10+ year hiatus

In September 2010, I ran my first 10K in 1:07.  One year later I ran the same race in 57:13.

I also ran my first half marathon in 2011.
In May 2012, I returned home for the Pittsburgh Marathon, my first full marathon.

My husband runs (though much faster than I could ever hope to) and my kids run (sometimes faster than me).  Sometimes we all run run together.

If you want deeper than that, check out my post about revisiting the 25 things (but it's pretty shallow, too)

Why did I start this blog? See my first post.

To read about what to expect and not expect to see here, read my "What to Expect" page.

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  1. Hey- it's Marissa from DM (yes,the one who stalked you at Lowes) haha. I didn't know you were from PA? My hubby is...well he's from California, PA so like 45 minutes from Pittsburgh. We should get togethe and run sometime...although I just took a 2 month hiatus (and ate enough to gain 15 lbs) so let me build back some speed first :)


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