Friday, November 1, 2013

I am a liar (and a jerk)


I didn't run that half marathon. That same half marathon I didn't run last year, but swore I would this year.

It was last weekend, and by the looks of things was a great time.

I am not injured (unlike last year). The truth is, it was just inconvenient.

Getting there and back (early morning, ferry boats), working it around my husband's marathon training and a birthday party my daughter was invited to attend.

So I made the decision to sit it out (again).  Not very "real" runner of me.

I did actually run 16 miles that day, but it wasn't as pretty (or flat) as the course, there were no people offering me water every few miles, and I didn't get a medal or hot soup when I finished.

I am jerk for passing up the opportunity to run an awesome race - and an even more awesome free entry offer the race director so generously extended this lame back-of-the-pack runner.

Congrats to those who ran (and I hope a few saved some $ by using the discount code).

Next up is that marathon in a month. Let's hope I can't find any excuses follow through.

1 comment:

  1. Things work out the way they were supposed to be. Maybe if you had run the race, you would have injured yourself in some freak way like slipping on someone's used Gu packet. Who knows. At least you ran 16 miles!!


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