Monday, September 16, 2013

over 30

When I trained for my first (and only so far) marathon, I plugged some info into Runners World's online Smart Coach tool and just went with what it spit out.

Each week was basically like this:
  • 1 easy run of 3 to 6 miles
  • 1 speed or tempo (alternating weeks) about 4 to 8 miles
  • 1 long run (staring at 8 miles, with two 20 milers, one 18 and two 16)

My longest training mileage week 30 miles.  My longest mileage week total on the plan was 35 including the race.

I finished, but was clearly just miserable looking left feeling a bit under-trained (not to mention over dressed and dehydrated)

Now I am (kind of) training for the Seattle Marathon on December 1st.

I say "kind of" not because I am half-assing it - I am actually killing every workout so far (knock on wood).  I am just not fully 100% committing to running it because time constraints may make it difficult to fit in some of the longer mid-week runs. See, my husband is training for the race too, and also just started working, so my running early in the morning everyday doesn't really work out when he needs to run, and I now have to get one of the kids off to school.

My current plan is pretty much like this:
  •  1 easy run of 5-7 miles (at a snail really slow pace)
  •  1 speed interval session of 6-8 miles
  •  1 tempo at marathon pace (started at 5, will go to 10 miles)
  •  1 easy easy run of 5-7 miles (again, at a really slow pace)
  •  1 slightly faster easy run of 5-8 miles (slow, but about 30 sec faster than really slow)
  •  1 long run (topping at 16 miles) at marathon pace + 45 seconds

If this looks familiar, it is a Hansons beginner plan.

My husband and I bought this book and read it this summer.  A lot of if really made sense. But what do we know? We figured it was worth a try.

I just finished week 7 of my 18 week plan and ran 36 miles.

That is my longest running week ever.

And yesterday, after my long run (of only 10 miles), I felt so, so tired.


I hit my goal pace

and I don't feel injured.

Those are good things.

From here until December 1, each week is scheduled to be over 30 miles - peaking in the 50s (I think like 55, but am too lazy to look).

I want to be able to finish the plan and run the marathon.  I am curious as to how this training plan would work for me.

If I were really looking to PR, I would have picked another race like Chicago or CIM but I am too poor and cheap to travel, Seattle was a steal with Zozi credits the most practical.

Practical from a financial/time point of view - not from an ease-of-race (is that a thing?) view.  This course is tough.

From what I hear, the "slight upward slope" and "upward slope" sections at mile 22 are killer.

If for some reason I can't get enough training time, I will run the half marathon.

In week 13, I'm going to run the Snohomish River Run half marathon.

It's not too late to register. Use promo code  SRM_SRR13 to save $10 on registration.  I don't make any money if you use that code or anything - but I was offered a free entry to the race to help promote it.

The plan suggests running this at marathon pace, but I'm not going to listen going to shoot for a bit faster and a new half PR.  Unlike Seattle, this is a flat, fast course, so I hoping to use that to my advantage (but with my luck, I can't count on that helping.)

So, that's what I've been doing with my spare time lately.  How about you?


  1. I think you'll enjoy the marathon distance a lot more with a higher mileage base. It takes away some of the misery (but it still hurts haha).

  2. I like your plan. I trained for my only marathon by only doing long runs once a week and simply relying on spin and weight training. I signed up for Pittsburgh again this coming spring and I think I'll go along with your plan. Hanson's is spot on to my ability and time constraints.


    1. I like the plan so far (right now I am 1/2 way through week 10). The longer Thursday tempos are getting a bit difficult to squeeze in because of time constraints (my pace is too slow to squeeze in 10 miles at lunch.) I always thought if I ran more days, I would for sure be injured but so far feel much better than I have with previous plans.

      I really want to run Pittsburgh again.

    2. I love that you are using Hanson's plan...I recently bought it and have read through it. I guess in some ways it makes sense, but it kind of scares me to think about how short the long run will be compared to the actual race. I think I will be like you though...the longer mid week runs will be really difficult to do. Looking forward to seeing how you do!!!!

  3. Allyson, you look amazing and I am so glad you are blogging and running again :) I signed up for my first 10K and have fallen absolutely in love with running although I am a such a novice and no where near where I should be. Keep it up, you are so inspiring to newbies like me.


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