Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pittsburgh Marathon Training - week 14

First taper week.

scheduled: rest/XT
workout: stationary bike - 7.25 mi, 14.5 mph pace
evening rehab exercises - added some IT band exercises

scheduled: run - 2 miles @ 11:16
workout: ran - 3 miles @ 10:47 pace
evening rehab + kettlebell

1 mile (9 laps this time) on the indoor track in 10:58. assessed that my right IT band was not happy (which I already knew from foam rolling), so got off the track and moved to the treadmill to eliminate the turns.
Ran 2 on the treamill @ 10:42, and it felt better.

scheduled: rest/XT
workout: rest
evening rehab exercises

scheduled: run - 8 mi including warm; 4x1600 @ 9:08 w/800 jogs; cool
workout: ran - ran: 7.5 miles including warm; 4x1600 @ 9:05 w/800 jogs; cool (1/2)
evening rehab + kettelbell

It felt pretty good - not too difficult to push through the intervals (rare for me).
My IT band that has been really tight since Sunday held up pretty well. Started to feel a bit sore during the end, and I was rushed (as usual), so I cut the cool down mile short.

scheduled: rest/XT
workout: bike - 7.13 miles at 14.3 mph pace
evening rehab exercises

scheduled: rest/XT
workout: rest
evening rehab exercises

scheduled: 12 miles @ 11:16
workout: ran - 12 miles @ 10:26
evening rehab exercises

Right IT band sore toward the end.  I stopped taking walk breaks after mile 9, and it felt better running on it than walking on it.  Wore my Aspaeris compression shorts during the run this time, and had no hip flexor soreness.  I also wore my Sugoi compression socks and felt no calf/shin oddness that sometimes pops up. 
So, I am now 12 days out from the marathon, and that damn right IT band that flared up going down a steep hill at mile 17 during my last 20 mile run is giving me some problems. I think I should have rested it a bit longer last week.

I've been resting and rolling it, and am going to see my doctor for some torture ART tomorrow (Wednesday). I am playing it way safe, and skipped today's scheduled 2 miles.  I will probably run again on Thursday.

I have moments where I think that taper is getting to me - like when I decided that all of my clothes are wrong for the race, and that I must buy new everything, including shoes (which I know is not a good idea).

I'll be wearing my long compression shorts (with shorts on top because my butt is too big), and white compression knee-high socks.  Not a great look for a short person with stumpy legs, but I have to think more function than fashion.

Things are also really busy at work (visiting every office in two counties over two weeks), and I'm feeling a bit tired and run down.  At least I haven't eaten too many of the cookies that I am driving around delivering.  I chose to sleep in today, so now I need to find a way to get in some kind of cross training workout somehow today.

That's all I can think of for now. 

Tired. Sore.


  1. The part about your race outfit made me chuckle a bit - I am constantly re-evaluating race outfits up to the last minute.
    Your speed work is awesome - I'm totally impressed!
    Given the rest period before the race, I'll bet the IT issues will get some chances to work themselves out.

    1. I stressed about that speedwork session, but it wasn't that bad. It was, however, on a treadmill, which may be "cheating" for some. But I think find the treadmill more difficult to maintain a faster pace. Maybe because of the lack of a breeze?


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