Monday, April 16, 2012

(not a) dress rehearsal

Yesterday was my last 20 mile run for this training schedule.

I thought that I would treat it as a dress rehearsal for the race and plan my outfit, record what and how much I ate and drank the days before, follow a pacing strategy, fuel during the run based on where the water stations will be at the race, and note how much and what type of food/drink consumed.

I didn't do any of that.  Not surprising, given my history of poor planning and type B-ness.

I didn't wear compression shorts, but did wear these socks which I definitely will not wear for the race.
They worked great when temps were cooler, but yesterday felt thick and hot and are to blame for a nasty blister that started to really bother me at mile 15. 

I can't remember much of the run.

I do remember that it was very dark and cloudy for the first 10 miles and I could just not get it together.  Usually by mile 3, or at least by mile 5, I settle into a rhythm and enjoy the run. Yesterday I felt like I was sleep running through most of the first half.

At our only potty break (thank goodness). Mile 10 maybe?
She looks happy.  I look stoned or something.

Thank goodness my sister was with me for the first 12.  She really showed up for this run (unlike me).  Without her energy it would have been painful.

Needless to say, I can't remember what or when I ate or drank, but I did eat and drink.  I had maybe 2 gels (with caffeine, that seemed to do little.  If I didn't have the caffeine, I probably would have needed to stop for a nap), a couple of shot bloks, and some water at first, but then water w/nuun when I refilled around mile 10 (I think).

The marathon has a big-ass hill that starts at mile 11 and climbs through mile 14.

So I decided to try a big, long hill after mile 12 to see how tired I might feel in the race. 

The answer was pretty tired.

My hands started to look puffy, so I got nervous and ate a few pretzels, then I ATE A NUUN TABLET! Blech.

Half of the tablet, actually, and I chased it with water.  I can be a hypochondriac and fear hyponatremia. (but I googled puffy hands last night, and now know that as long as they are not like 2 times the size, there is no need to freak out).

The sun was out and I was waking up (finally) and feeling good.

I kept it mostly flat for a few miles after that hill (even a few laps on the track), then went back down another hill (hard, hard on the knees - had to walk a bit).

The last two miles felt really, really great.

How weird is it that I ran 20 mile training runs on different routes, with splits all over the place at almost exactly the same time?


March 27th

SO weird!  I was thinking in my mind that my March run was much faster.

Now, I am tired, and a bit sore. 

This run was more difficult than the first 20 miler, but I kept the pace nice and easy and at no time tried to push it, speed up, or even fartlek a bit.  I just wanted to get through it without an injury.  It would be so like me to come this far and blow it.

So while I didn't exactly plan everything out for this dress rehearsal, I think that I am somewhat prepared as to what to wear and eat/drink.

I just hope that the excitement of race day will get to me, and it doesn't take me 10 miles to wake up.


  1. I will be running my first marathon in nine years in October so I am way out of practice. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  2. Yay! Nicely done. The side-by-side Garmin picture is wild - I can't believe that!!

  3. That is so wild about the times and paces for your 2 runs! So glad you made it through and are now ready to taper :)


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