Tuesday, March 13, 2012

lazy thoughts of the day

Wouldn't it be nice to take a day off of work and spend it doing nothing at all but lying in bed, eating, and watching TV?

It would be even better if this were my room, and I had this cool TV that lifts out from underneath the bed.  But if that were my view, I would probably be more tempted to go outside instead of  watching lifetime movies or One Tree Hill reruns on SOAPnet.

If only I could just close my office door for a few hours and do some blog reading, online shopping, or catch up on  trashy celebrity gossip.

Jennie Garth getting divorced? This makes me sad for some strange, unnecessary reason.

Maybe tonight I should get takeout, come home, put on pajamas, have a dinner picnic in my room then snuggle with the kids - skipping activities (one has gymnastics on Tuesdays), clean up, and rehab exercises?

They're so cute in their jammies.

It might be super fun to just run the half marathon in Pittsburgh so I could relax more about training, not worry so much about what to eat and drink (12 mile training runs after lots of pizza and two or more glasses of wine the night before are a breeze), have more time with friends, family, and restaurants I haven't visited in over ten years.

I already have this scheduled for Friday night (and maybe Sunday afternoon).


1 comment:

  1. Spending a whole day in pajamas- eating and watching TV sounds awesome.
    I, too, was strangely overly sad about Jennie Garth's divorce. I thought they were so cute.


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