Sunday, December 18, 2011

I don't like to brag, but

last night, I gained a new twitter follower.

One that collect brags and RTs them to their followers, "highlighting people's superiority complex". I am not sure which of my braggy tweets made them decide to follow me?

The one where I talk about being an Elf on the Shelf slacker mom?

The one where I discuss that I ran a whole mile?

Maybe it was the one where I talk about two things I am an expert on?

Most of my tweets are complaints or whines (gotta work on that).

Maybe I am just oblivious to my boasting, but I don't really see any on my timeline.  I have a hard time bragging about myself or my kids, even a hard time taking a compliment (gotta work on that too).

In reality I know I have nothing to brag about.  If I could come in first in my age group and 6th overall in a 10K like my awesome friend Kristen did yesterday - THAT would be a reason to brag.  Kristen - I wanted to post a pic of you, but it is too early to ask your permission. You totally inspire me. (that sounded mushy, think of it as more hard-core)

I started this blog right after my sister and I ran an awesome (but slow) 14 mile run.  It was the longest we had ever run, and later that day while still basking in the post-run bliss, I posted on my facebook status:

Then I almost instantly regretted it.

It sounded braggy.  Like the people who say "I ran 15 miles this morning while most people were in bed sleeping.  What did you do?"  Sure - I sometimes think these things (especially to keep me going when the run is tough) - but I don't post them all over the place.  Not everyone has to run (or workout for that matter).

So I decided to do my run/bragging (slow paces, short mileage, injury) talk here.

Well, I did do this one too.  And if when I finish the Pittsburgh Marathon, you can be sure I will totally post about that.

I am going to have to up my game on twitter so this new follower has something interesting to say.


  1. Honestly, its not bragging if its true. Sure, if you said "I ran 15 miles while all you lazy losers were asleep and I am better than you!" then that's not so bueno. But just saying you did it and you happy you are is great! Social media needs more positive statements. Haters are just jealous.

  2. Haha... I was just going to say the same line as Laura... "It's not bragging if it's true." But I think I meant it in more of a jerky/braggy/I'll say what I want sort of a way... Laura made it sound much nicer. :)

    I think a little brag is motivating... In moderation, I like writing it, saying it, and reading it... so brag away, lady! I will praise you, right along with you!!! :)


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