Tuesday, July 26, 2011

swimming is like riding a bike

That's what a lifeguard told me today when I confessed my anxiety about swimming laps since I haven't done that in 20 years.  She assured me that it would all come back to me, and I'd be fine.  After 2 lengths, it did start to come back.  After 4, I started to get tired.  Already?  And timing my breathing became harder.

this isn't me.  I spared everyone the reality of me in a swimsuit.  I'll just pretend that I can fill one out as well as this.

It was a bit of a relief when I saw that people had begun arriving for the "deep water fitness" class I wanted to try. 

Yes, I was the youngest in the class by maybe 20 years.  I was also the annoying newbie who kept asking all the regulars a ton of questions.  "Is it really hard?",  "How do I put on the belt", "do you break a sweat?"  At first they seemed annoyed, and not really helpful.  Almost like they were the water exercise clique, and I was some outsider trying to learn their secrets and spread gossip about them all over the Y.

"Why are you asking so many questions?  Who sent you, the Aqua Zumba group?"  (pic is not a real member of the class, don't think they would have taken kindly to photos)

After I explained that I was injured and needed for a serious, no-impact workout, they became a bit nicer.  Because picking on someone in pain who got up at 4:45am and put on an unflattering one-piece is cruel, ladies.

The flotation belt didn't really fit and the arm dumbbell stuff was hard!  I have really been needing to work on strength more, so this will help.

We did a lot of water jogging and running which I am way excited about.  I used Jeff Galloway's training method for my first half-marathon, and he recommends water running as a form of cross-training, or to replace running during an injury.

"The best cross training activity I've found, that can improve your running, is running in the water.  I've found that water running can improve running form, maintain running conditioning while injured, serve as a substitute for a short run day, once a week, and strengthen hip and leg muscles to reduce injury risk."  
              - Jeff Galloway Newsletter, March 2009

It looks a little funny, but I really am so desperate to run and have no shame , I'll take it anyway I can get it. You can see a video here.

There is alot of information, and even a water running training program for injured runners online.  That schedule is really tough, and maybe too much for me.

Less than 8 weeks until my next scheduled half, I am hoping that this works and in a few weeks I can actually start running again optimistic, or in denial?  And when I do start again, I'm hoping it's just like riding a bike.

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  1. Water running is awesome. I had the same problem with the belt and the ladies. Go a couple of times and they will start telling you about their kids and grandkids. 8 weeks is kind of a tight timeline. When I had achilles tendonitis I had to work back up slowly. Wait and see!! You dont want to reinjure yourself. Sometime I will tell you about my brother and his achilles.


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